Upcoming workshops of the CIRCULARSEAS project


The Leartiker technology center and Azaro Fundazioa have continued to work together on the European project CircularSeas * in recent months.

Azaro Fundazioa is carrying out a compilation of the diagnoses carried out in each of the 6 nodes participating in the project: Ondarroa (Bizkaia), Vigo (Galicia), La Rochelle (France), Cork (Ireland), Plymouth (Great Britain) and Peniche (Portugal). In this way, joint conclusions can be drawn on the type and amount of waste generated in the industries of the maritime sector, the existing waste management routes and the identification of needs in the sector for possible green products to be developed from recycled plastic or more sustainable materials.

Meanwhile, Leartiker is carrying out the characterization of the waste collected at these nodes with the aim of identifying the types of materials in the different waste and the state in which they are found in order to evaluate the waste with the greatest potential for recycling and revalued through 3D printing.

The work being carried out is the key to laying the foundations for the technological development that will be carried out within the project and will serve as a starting point for the second and third workshops to be held jointly on September 24 at the facilities of Leartiker in Markina-Xemein since it wasn´t possible to celebrate it during the month of May as originally planned.


Second and third workshop

During the first workshop held in February in Ondarroa, the members of the Ondarroa Node (fishing and auxiliary industries, representatives of the 3D printing industry, technology centers and public entities and institutions) were able to get to know the project more closely as well as the concepts of circular economy and 3D printing. In the second workshop, the Ondarroa Node will be given the opportunity to delve even further into 3D printing technology. To be able to do this, they will be given a practical class in the Leartiker facilities in fused deposition modeling (FDM), one of the most widely used 3D printing technologies today, so that participants discover all the possibilities this technology offers. Finally, the third workshop will focus on creative dynamics to identify green products as well as the associated business model to develop in the project for the Ondarroa Node.

After that seminar, it is planned to hold the international workshop in Cork (Ireland) during the month of November. The project partners and also some representatives of the 6 nodes participating in the CircularSeas project will participate in it. In this event, the ideas and needs identified in the regional workshops carried out in each of the nodes will be exchanged.

Leartiker and Azaro Fundazioa hope that the participation in the next workshops will be as successful as in the first one. We hope that the CircularSeas project will be a success through the collaboration of all agents and in this way contribute to making the Ondarroa Node a benchmark in Circular Economy!

* The CircularSeas project is co-financed by the Interreg Atlantic Area Program through the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and aims to find strategies for the reuse of plastic waste obtained from the maritime industry.