CircularSeas Webinar “Blue Circular Economy: Old Challenges, new opportunities

CircularSeas Webinar "Blue Circular Economy: Old Challenges, new opportunities



On June 8th, 2020, the world celebrated International Ocean Day. CDRSP-IPLeiria invited the world to meet the Peniche node of the CircularSeas project. We started with CDRSP Vice-Director Artur Mateus on the introduction of the CircularSeas project, we listened about the coastal community of Peniche, a place like many others fishing communities around the world, here lies the future. From here we raised the next tide of innovation with 3D printing that will contribute to the solutions, and help our response to the challenges we’re facing today, with Professor Paula Pascoal Faria, followed by the presentation of the Print Big project at CDRSP  as both a hypothetical and valid solution to CircularSeas green products.

The webinar concluded with a reflection of the current context of the theme and the growing importance of marine resources,

Ocean plastic waste pollution is a reality today that needs an urgent solution. The Blue Circular economy has been identified as the key to revert it. Considering that the sea is a resource with great potential for the improvement of fishing communities, the webinar “Blue Circular Economy: Old Challenges, New Opportunities”, aims not only to promote the debate on the challenges faced: i) Maritime industries to reduce their plastic waste, ii) adoption of new technologies, such as 3D printing, iii) adoption of the circular economy; but also to find new opportunities through the exploration of already existing technologies, and resources (with special focus on ocean plastics) to enhance them.