3D Printing Demonstration &Business Case AnalysisWorkshops


“3D Printing Demonstration & Business Case Analysis Workshops”


The CIRCULARSEAS project invites you to participate in the 3D Printing Demonstration & Business Case Analysis Workshops. The event will be held online via zoom in November 27, 2020.

This workshop will relate to the collection of marine waste, for the creation of products to combat pollution of the seas. Issues such as quantity, the type of garbage that most exists in the sea will be addressed with the prestigious presence of people who fight directly with these issues and who help this cause daily through their work.


Like the journalist Catarina Canelas who reported the documentary “Plastic the new continent”, marine biologist Raquel Gaião Silva who won the global award Global Biodiversity Information Facility Young Researchers Award, Ignacio Marco was General Manager of Plastics Europe Iberia in December 2016 until July 2020 and currently, he is looking for Circular Economy projects to contribute with his experience, and much more.


This workshop is designed to discuss about exchange of results and ideas among researchers, scholars, practitioners and enthusiasts.

Considering the speakers and the participants, the workshop will be preferentially presented in English.


Please take a look of the program attached or follow the link: http://circularseas.com/files/2020/11/Programme_CircularSeas_Workshops_2_3.pdf


To participate in the workshop via zoom follow the link: https://videoconf-colibri.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZUrc-2orz0pHNVrkm3KQ4ya1qzd_3xk24C6



Join the discussion, learn and contribute to a sustainable future!