Education, Oceans, Technology | Experimental activities at CDRSP facilities | Feb 19 2020

“ In a  World of  Plastic!”

Engage students about ocean  plastic pollution was the main  purpose of  the “In  a world of  plastic”  Initiative.

Plastic in the oceans is now a global problem, with multiple implications for society and requires a complex  resolution. This event was attended by Paulo Sellmayer, co-founder and Designer of Vicara, who, when developing sieves made from renewable materials, such as wood, intended the bi-functionality of this object, as a beach toy and as a garbage collector object. Paulo Sellmayer participated in this activity with the students of Agrupamento de Escolas Caranguejeira – Sta Catarina da Serra, where he explained them the variety of plastic found on some  Leiria  beaches. Students were divided into types of plastic groups (bioplastics, petrochemical plastics, biodegradable plastics and composites), visiting CDRSP facilities.  Here  they observed different plastic manufacturing technologies (including 3 D printing), they saw the production and valuation of different wastes in the gemeration of new products. The visit concluded with the distribution of diplomas to the little scientists, encouraging them to question each action and consequently to play an increasingly active role in caring for our planet!